Cell culture workflow

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Cell culture workflow in 4 simple steps
  • Separate fresh tissue of interest.

  • Treat tissue with enzyme(s) (e.g. trypsin, collagenase, protease) and/or mechanically to isolate cells.

  • Wash, count, and seed cells.

  • Examine cells under a brightfield microscope to assess their growth state, attachment to culture vessels/flasks, and to check for any signs of infection.

  • Monitor cells for the following days until they reach confluence.

  • Verify isolated cell types by their morphology and expressed biomarkers.

  • Passage cells to propagate the cell line. 

  • Make master and working cell banks. 

  • Immortalize cells if necessary.

  • Plan and execute experiments.

  • Keep monitoring cell state and possible infections using a brightfield microscope.